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Uber Schumann by frequency=quantumleaps

CD 1 is oriented towards a concept of helping one expand outward and bringing the change from experience of altered states of a larger portion of the macrocosm back to the microcosmic energy body.

In track 1 this is achieved through a combination of different Schumann's resonances asscioated with the harmonic resonance of the plates of earth, the molten beneath it and ionsphere. This reflects a sort of "earth conciousness" energy field akin to a Gaian neural network of the resonance of all things on earth. The frequencies associated with kundalini activation in this make this a good track for meditation and expansion of the energy body, as well as remote viewing, increased intuition and ability to move to different altered states. This combination of alpha, theta, and delta states harmonically tune one's resonance and electrons in the brain associated with brainwaves.

Please note that binaural beats work best through headphones.

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minds eye - third eye

I would like to improve the use of my minds eye.  Can anyone refer me to a binaural beats track that focusses on this area?