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Shamanic Kundalini Chakra Flow by frequency=quantumleaps

This second track is oriented towards putting one in a shamanic state while activating each chakra with it's specific resonance and allows one's Schumann experiences to be localized to the energy body. This exercise is good for meditation work with chakras, auras, and one's kundalini flow.

CD 1 is oriented towards a concept of helping one expand outward and bringing the change from experience of altered states of a larger portion of the macrocosm back to the microcosmic energy body.

Please note that binaural beats work best through headphones.

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Kundalini Yoga

More on kundalini shakti... its miraculous powers... how dominating kundalini shakti human beings finally gained success in life... reached stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) in the end!

The practice of kundalini shakti... awakening kundalini energy is necessitated for realizing full potential of human beings! The awakening of kundalini becomes possible by practicing absolute celibacy!


While meditating through this binaural beat, I felt warmth stretch starting from my muladhara to my sahasrara. Amazing.

The chakra meditation freq