Sati Saraniya Hermitage

Sati Saraniya Hermitage is a Theravada Buddhist sanctuary and monastic residence for women training in the bhikkhuni lineage, the first of its kind in Canada. Still a fledgling project, it was conceived in April, 2007, during Ayya Medhanandi's second teaching visit to Ottawa. After sharing ideas about her vision, a group of supporters from Ottawa and Toronto invited her back and offered to help 'plant the seed' for establishing a base in Ontario.

Over the next year, Ayya worked via email and teleconferences from Malaysia with her committee in Canada to apply for incorporation and charitable status. By the time she returned in April, 2008, Sati Saraniya Hermitage was approved as a registered charity under the Canadian Charities Directorate.

While living in New Zealand, Ayya named her small hermitage 'Sati Saraniya' - 'wise reflection' and 'reconciliation'. During the years of solitary practice, these were her guiding principles.

With the start of a Canadian-grown 'Sati Saraniya', the vision of a monastic retreat changed in response to requests from women wanting to ordain and Ayya's mission to serve in the community. It now provides for a small contemplative community of nuns on a path of virtue, wisdom and compassionate action for the benefit of all beings.