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Posted by humble on February 18, 2012 - 6:43pm
Integral Mashup - RadioKosmos1 - Integral Life Practice

whew. Ok. I had to steal another keyboard b/c like I said in the friend request, my keyboard got fried last night. Which is funny.

This may be long winded, but if you can just bear with me because I have to thank you. Thank You. Thank YOU. It's going to be difficult to put into words the transformation in my life that has taken place over the last week.
I just turned 33 on April 28th. On my bday I flew to Colorado to perform a wedding for 2 of my closest friends (catalyst). It was my first wedding, it was the most amazing experience of my life. The best way I can explain is performing the wedding activated 4 centers: Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical & Emotional all at once. After I finished saying: "By the power vested in me..." I was so overwhelmed that I'm amazed I could stand up. I could feel my heart chakra opening, like a big beachball inflating in my chest. It remains there now and I sometimes sruggle to catch a breath.

After meeting all my friends' wonderful friends the interconnectedness was mindboggling.

Then all sorts of strange coincidences began to happen. (Don't you just love that?)
I was talking with another mutual friend about Robert Anton Wilson, which I've not read any of yet. (But was interested, very.)

I get back home and I run a search on tribe for RAW on tribe and 2 come up. "Robert Anton Wilson Fans" and "Integral Life Practice" tribe. On Friday I was having one of the best days in a very long time. Years in fact, we lost our mother suddenly 12 days before Chritmas 2003. And it was then that I shut down completely. I've been an emotional zombie. It was my greatest fear that I wouldn't be able to perform the wedding ceremony, I was agonizied by self doubt. I broke off very important relationships. I inadvertently shut out all the most important people to me. Utterly alone, self isolation.

Back to Friday, having a great day. Finally starting to come out of a 2.5 year fog. Investigating RAW online. Stumble onto Integral Life Practice tribe. There is one post here. YOURS.

I listened intently, I was ready to hear, hung on every word, and completely and utterly CRACKED WIDE OPEN.
Thank the Universe for Mercury Retrograde.
Thank the Universe for you, your post, the undeniable chain of destined events that led me right to your post.

I mended my broken relationship within 2 hours of listening. I've passed it around to friends. It's not rash to say it Changed My Life.

Thank You so much. I just can't express in words how intensely this has affected me.

Annika Hamelin
binaural beats

Posted by binaural beats (not verified) on May 20, 2010 - 4:43am

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Posted by Robert Hull (not verified) on February 24, 2010 - 12:08pm
interesting visualization

Someone took this audio file and combined it with an interesting animation over here.

Posted by humble on September 7, 2009 - 7:24pm