Mindfulness of Emotions by Andrea Fella


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SO helpful. I'd like to

SO helpful. I'd like to invite my partner to remind me to "step to the right" when I get too heated to have a constructive convo. I think he would be glad to do that. I don't "blow my top" very often, and when I do I come back down to reality pretty quickly, but then I beat myself up for it because of the effect I feel that it has on my relaltionships, as well as the effect it has on the other person's ability to trust me to be levelheaded.

I use this goal of being a good (i.e. levelheaded) partner as a motivator too, but if I lose my way down this middle path here and there, it's going to be worth while to use this instruction and look at my thoughts on my disappointment with myself, how that affects me in my body, and trust in the cycle for it to go about its way.
I'd heard about that woman who had a stroke, too. Radiolab did a story about it and it was aired on NPR. http://www.radiolab.org/2010/aug/09/
It was about how language/ thoughts/ the quality of our language to think about thinking is directly related to how well we manage our thoughts--among other things.

Thank you for posting this dhamma talk.

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