Metta in the Context of Spiritual Practice by Anushka Fernandopulle


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Anushka's talk

I attended the retreat. This talk and her others are very valuable. Several things struck me about her talks and why they were valuable. First is her style. It is nice, pleasant, fluid, ...??? She seems to make points the right way. And very funny at times. Then there is the content: spot on. Helpful and valuable points/info/insights/etc, said within a nice structure - easy to follow - and she summarizes and transitions well. These skills get somebody to a 3 or maybe a 4 for me. What gets her into 4 or maybe 5 is how she combines these to maximize clarity and retention. I can easily visualize her use of her hand (opening and closing like an eye lid) to help us remember to self observe with wisdom - "... is the wise eye open or closed?" and her drawing her finger to under her nose to reflect back to her earlier analogy of skill development in the context of sneezing. May sound funny, but indeed as she explained, infants (I am a newbie to spiritualism and dharma) have no control or maybe even awareness until the sneeze (the reaction) is done, yet as adults we can feel it coming and even have some measure of control at times. May sound funny - yes, it is. So its funny (memorable), perfectly clear (great analogy), and done in great structure with point/lesson/take-aways. Finally and solidly into a 5, you don't even notice there is zero distance/fakeness/celebrity-enjoyment-of-self (until I take out my pen of critique.) She is all there and all heart, revealing, caring, sincere. I think its rare to find speakers who so gracefully combine all the essentials - this is her gift. Ours is the opportunity to easily and enjoyably hear and take away the lesson(s) and growth that mean something to us.

Posted by Mark Smith (not verified) on July 25, 2009 - 7:55pm