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Meditation Timers

Here are a few free and open (GPL) meditation timers.

Online (runs in your web browser):

- Mindfullness Bell


- Sit Quietly by Richard Barker. (v1.0.1-1 tar, deb-i386, deb-amd64)


- Just Sit by Brock Tice. (v0.2.7 .apk)
- DIY Just Sit by Timothy Wisdom and Brock Tice. (v0.3.0-beta1 .apk)

sitquietly_1.0.1-1.tar.gz363.62 KB
sitquietly_1.0.1-1_i386.deb182.33 KB
sitquietly_1.0.1-1_amd64.deb182.15 KB
JustSit-0.2.7.apk64.55 KB
DIYJustSit-beta1.apk69.98 KB

Submitted by humble on July 14, 2009 - 11:14am

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online meditation timer

I have a couple of meditation timers for smartphone users you may be interested in: http://m.JetCityOrange.com/meditation/timer/ (best viewed using an Android or iPhone).


Jerry Whiting
JetCityOrange / Seattle

And now I want to learn more

Thanks for posting this!  Now I have to figure out how to scan QR codes with my android and modify the sounds with some of the cool stuff on the free sound project site.  I'm looking forward to playing with this.


Problem with activation

Hi there, I dont know if I am writing in a proper board but I have got a problem with activation, link i receive in email is not working... http://diydharma.org/?9a65be28fe9b6a7a8d5795cfa46,

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