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Dhamma talk

Items related to Buddhist dharma

Talk Given on March 2, 2012 by Michael Stone

The practice of yoga is a practice of intimacy. The process of reaching into the physical, psychological and other interdependent sheaths of the postures wakes us up to the intelligence of life.

Through becoming intimate with the breathing patterns, bandhas and stillness of meditative awareness we wake to our lives and realize the possibility of serving others. Yoga Philosophy and practice, juxtaposed with Buddhism and western Psychology gives us the tools for personal healing and social action.

Learn more about Michael Stone: http://www.centreofgravity.org/

61:23 minutes (42.16 MB)

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The Great Escape: Breaking out of the Prisons of our Minds by Ray Olson

Upaya priest Ray Olson challenges listeners to imagine what the life of a prisoner might be like, recognizing that it is our thoughts and attitudes, not just our physical circumstances, that can hinder our own freedom. Referencing his first-hand experience in working with prison outreach programs, he also includes a brief summary of the incarceration system and what can be done to help give hope and a new outlook on life to those behind bars.

52:48 minutes (48.39 MB)

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Forgiveness Practice Is Of The Heart by Gina Sharpe

49:57 minutes (34.3 MB)

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Boring by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

14:22 minutes (8.06 MB)

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Not Being Possessive and the Gift of Fearlessness by Michael Stone

Michael Stone gives a talk during the Precepts course about using our imagination. Centre of Gravity, Toronto. 1hr. Recorded March 17, 2011.
Source: http://www.centreofgravity.org/podcast/2011/12/16/not-being-possessive-a...

50:50 minutes (46.55 MB)

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Awakening the Higher Mind by Sharda Rogell

59:49 minutes (27.39 MB)

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