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Lucid Dream I by frequency=quantumleaps

This third track is a lucid dream track with an OOBE slant on it encouraged by pink noise and a secondary OOBE resonance.

CD 1 is oriented towards a concept of helping one expand outward and bringing the change from experience of altered states of a larger portion of the macrocosm back to the microcosmic energy body.

Please note that binaural beats work best through headphones.

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Never Dream, No Lucid Dream

Never ever remember my dreams. Maybe once a year I'll remember a dream. Almost never have nightmares either - I sleep soundly and I think I've only had one dream where it might have been close to Lucid Dreaming. Tried a lot of techniques too. Notebook, journaling, etc. Guess some people aren't meant for it.

lucid dreaming

Hi, I am always glad to see that global awareness about lucid dreaming is growing and it is nice of you to provide this kind of content. I am lucid dreamer for a long time now and I discovered mp3 induction few years ago by accident while I was searching for something that will help me in becoming lucid in my dreams. Most of the time I can become lucid by intention but if my daily life (work, relationships, etc...) is stressfull I have problems with relaxation and I fail. So, I was searching for something that can bring me to the state of complete relaxation after which I could meditate, contemplate or sleep.

P.S. I even have a website about lucid dreaming so you can check it and say is it helpfull :)

Lucid Dreaming Guide by Emma Rose


THANK YOU so much for making these tracks FREE to download.... i have paid much money for tracks which arnt half as effective as the ones on this sight.... as we reach critical mass we will tip the scales towards a new golden age of enlightenment.. as above- so below


so i wanna lucid dream, but am i supposed to play this track and have it on repeat all night?? please help..

Binary Beats

Go look on Youtube and look up The Spirit Science. They talk about using binary beats as well as meditation.
Learning how to meditate properly (really, training your brain to do it) is really important. Binary beats won't usually work unless you're already good at calming and quieting your mind/external thoughts.

Hope this helped and here's a link to their youtube page http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSpiritScience

teenagers and tweens

Can teenagers and tweens use binary beats and get the same effect?


Thanks for the perfectly working Binaural Beats.
I had the lucid dream on the same day I listened to the track!


When i listen to this should i put it on repeat and listen to it all night, or should i just listen to it once as i fall asleep?

lucid dreaming

so ive only recently tooken an interest in this, but i have to say first night i had lucid dreams of my childhood and i was able to use some sort of spiritual magic with my hands. So this is night 2 of my expierimentation. ill return tomorrow night to discuss the effects i have from listening to this right before i sleep


so i listen to many lucid

so i listen to many lucid dreaming and astral projection tracks before slumber. it worked....i dreamt i was looking down over myself as i slept and i had a constant flow of thats the went at an unfamoable pace, i wonder aaround my room almost ghost like.im going to repeat this same process of binaural tonight.



Should I listen to this beat as I am falling asleep or what? I got to the point where I was vibrating but I could not enter into a lucid dream=/

crickets at night

When I tune in to part of the sounds created by this track there is a definate similarity to it and the sound that crickets make at night.  I wonder...are crickets natures binaural beats...hmm.....Hari om tat sat.

lucid dreaming

I have been experimenting with binaural beats every day for over a week now.  Mainly theta and delta states.  Although I am yet to experience the conscious shifts that I have read about I am happy to say that my dreams are becoming more and more lucid.  I  haven't been able to remember my dreams upon waking (not often is sure) untill recently.  Now when I dream it is almost as if I am conscious at the time of dreaming though fast asleep.  Definately not the sort of effects you may get from a placebo.  I wake with a clear recollection of the nights events and also with a warm satisfaction, a sense of rejuvination.  Frequency=quantumleaps thankyou and thankyou binaural beats.....sweet dreams and goodnight.

Lucid Dreaming

Amazing, i listen to this all day playing it in the background, its like a warm protective beat which fills my room, i turn up the bass so that it there is a gentle humm moving through my loudspeakers, very nice!

Hehe. You do know your

Hehe. You do know your supposed to listen to binaural beats through headphones right? Different frequencies are played to your left/right ears that causes your brain waves to resonate at the difference between the frequencies.