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Vancouver Vipassana Hall

The  Vancouver Vipassana Hall serves the 


206 - 2323 Quebec St
Vancouver, BC

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Malcolm Huxter's Body Scan

Aotearoa lotus

A new leader has emerged in the 'most popular file' category here on DIYDharma. Added to this site exactly one month ago, Malcolm Huxter's Body Scan, has now been downloaded almost 45,000 times. I'm not surprised as it is a very good guided meditation and an excellent introduction to the technique of vipassana. Word of it is apparently being spread by e-mail (or twitter??) as the referrer logs show no traffic spike from any specific sources.

Submitted by humble on March 9, 2009 - 9:26am

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Po Lam Nunnery

The intention of establishing the association sprouted when our honorable teacher, Venerable Sing Yat, was on a teaching tour in North America years ago. He found that Vancouverites were virtuous and friendly, and he also praised that Vancouver is a pristine and serene place, wellsuited for spiritual cultivation and the propagation of Buddhism. With the strong support of fellow Buddhists, the formation of Po Lam Buddhist Association was finally realized in 1994.


46350 Prairie Central Road
Chilliwack, BC

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Guided Vipassana Meditation by Shinzen Young

6:01 minutes (4.14 MB)

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Guided Vipassana Meditation by Joseph Goldstein

46:40 minutes (10.69 MB)

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Vipassana Meditation - Track 3 by S.N. Goenka

Source: http://themiddleway.net/2007/06/04/free-group-sit-sn-goenka-vipassana-mp3s/

60:00 minutes (54.84 MB)

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