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Monthly Sila/Integrity Circle

Repeats every month on the third Thursday until Fri Dec 31 2010 .

Monthly Sila/integrity Circle

We meet to support each others' development of integrity in regards to each person's actions being in harmony with their values as well as the Buddhist precepts of non-violence/truthfulness/not stealing/sexual responsibility/sobriety - every member of the group can define which precepts or values they are focusing on for themselves.


Rachel's House (call or email for address)
near Commercial & Broadway

The Understanding and Practice Of Sila by Chas Dicapua

55:12 minutes (37.91 MB)

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Monthly Sila/Integrity Circle

Initial meeting to discuss possibilities for a monthly group to explore and support each other in our practice of Sila. Contact the kyira (at) diydharma . org for the address (meeting will be held at Rachel's house).

A Clear Sense of Priorities by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

A brief talk on the importance of all the parts of the eightfold path to awakening. Right conduct in daily life as benefiting meditation and vice versa.

9:59 minutes (9.14 MB)

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Virtue by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Of the three aspects of the path- good conduct, meditation, wisdom- it is sila, or conduct, which is primary, and sila which gets the least attention. How the practice of precepts and restraint goes beyond moralism and self-righteousness to be a powerful ground for the path to freedom.

16:34 minutes (15.18 MB)

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