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Shinzen Young

Shinzen Young on teaching and the four quadrants of happiness

In the final part of this series Shinzen talks about fostering extraordinary happiness in others, which he calls teaching. Shinzen then talks about teaching from the subtle, explanatory, and explicit levels. Within the explicit level he distinguishes between the para-professional, the full-time professional, and within the professional category those teachers who can deal with the issue of sudden enlightenment experiences, and enlightenment experiences with a mixture of pathology - or DPDR. Within this "master" class there is a Buddha. Shinzen shares the traditional formulation of a Buddha, and how the next "Buddha" might be a team of people. He then does a review of his four quadrants of happiness.

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Shinzen Young on finding good meditation teachers

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The Fourth Dimension of Spirituality by Shinzen Young

28:46 minutes (13.17 MB)

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Shinzen Young on Mindfulness Meditation by David Van Nuys, Ph.D.

In this installment of the Wise Counsel Podcast, Dr. Van Nuys interviews Shinzen Young, a meditation teacher and Buddhist scholar. As a child in Los Angeles in the 1950s, Young desired nothing more than to become Asian, and worked very hard to learn Japanese, ultimately graduating from a Los Angeles based Japanese High School in parallel with his conventional English-speaking high school.

51:15 minutes (23.46 MB)

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Covering The Whole Sensory Field by Shinzen Young

36:02 minutes (8.25 MB)

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Expanding And Contracting With The Breath by Shinzen Young

42:01 minutes (9.62 MB)

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