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The Great Escape: Breaking out of the Prisons of our Minds by Ray Olson

Upaya priest Ray Olson challenges listeners to imagine what the life of a prisoner might be like, recognizing that it is our thoughts and attitudes, not just our physical circumstances, that can hinder our own freedom. Referencing his first-hand experience in working with prison outreach programs, he also includes a brief summary of the incarceration system and what can be done to help give hope and a new outlook on life to those behind bars.

52:48 minutes (48.39 MB)

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Seeing It To the End (And the Stops In Between) by Jimmy Santiago Baca

Jimmy Santiago Baca begins with a variety of compelling stories related to his life in prison and the way in which writing and reading became an important part of his life at that time. He moves on to discuss his book “A Place to Stand”, and his present work teaching literacy in prisons. He ends by showing a short segment from his new documentary that explores the healing power of poetry.

58:45 minutes (26.9 MB)

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San Quentin by Gil Fronsdal

41:15 minutes (9.45 MB)

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Spirit Rock 2009 Neuroscientists Retreat - Presentation 1 by Sylvia Boorstein

Johnathan Schooler-UCSB; Stuart Eisendrath-UCSF; Lisa Lindeman-U.Wisconsin; Liz Wang-Changchi U. Taipei, Taiwan; Carmen Schooler-U. Maryland; Peta McAuley-Hong Kong

Spirit Rock Meditation Center 2009 Scientists Retreat- January 11-18, 2009

(Presentation 2 is here)

29:26 minutes (13.48 MB)

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Breaking the Addiction to our Mind by Noah Levine

The first hour of Noah's talk at the Vancouver Masonic Hall on October 18, 2007.

Thanks to Banyen Books and Orchard Recovery Centre for sponsoring.

58:05 minutes (39.88 MB)

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