Ken's most recent thinking about the holonic structure of reality and the principles of evolution.  Ken has further refined and expanded his theory;  in fact you could say that, in true evolutionary fashion, his new approach to evolutionary theory transcends and includes what he had developed before. Tom Huston will explain these newer aspects of the theory as presented in Ken's recent book, Integral Spirituality, and also as elaborated in the unpublished sequel to Sex, Ecology, Spirituality that can be found on the web.

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Thus far, we have covered fifteen tenets and their relationship to Evolutionary Enlightenment. In our call this week, we will discuss the final set of tenets, which explore how evolution has a direction, or telos, and is moving toward a goal. Here are this week's tenets:
Evolution has directionality, which includes:

1. increasing complexity
2. increasing differentiation/integration
3. increasing organization/structuration
4. increasing relative autonomy
5. increasing telos

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Wilber presents and discusses the Twenty Tenets in his magnum opus, Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, and also in A Brief History of Everything. The tenets describe reality—both interior and exterior—as composed entirely of “holons”—entities that are always wholes, and always part of a larger whole. In tenets that we will discuss this week, we’ll explore how this holonic structure enables vertical evolution. Here are this week’s tenets:

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Wilber outlines these tenets in his book Sex, Ecology, Spirituality (Shambhala, 1995), and he describes them as “patterns of existence” and “tendencies of evolution.”

On this webcast, we will look into the first group of tenets, which are the following:

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