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Wise Parenting in an Age of Ecological Loss by Betsy Rose

62:17 minutes (28.52 MB)

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Velcrow Ripper's Fierce Light by obi-nine

This is a conversation that I had with film-maker Velcrow Ripper. Our conversation started with an overview of his current and forthcoming films and ranged though contemporary ecoactivism, the anarchoprimitivism of Derrick Jensen and the forthcoming film END:CIV, the Integral movement, the divine feminine, his spiritual practice, transhumanism and the singularity, and the numbers 11 and 9.
Recorded at the Dharmalab on September 23, 2009.

51:31 minutes (51.75 MB)

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ECOnomy and ECOlogy: Finding the Balance from a Buddhist Perspective by Ajahn Sona

Ajahn Sona's public dharma talk at the Penticton Philosopher's Cafe, from Thursday November 8, 2007.

86:47 minutes (39.73 MB)

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