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Yoga and Recovery by Darren Littlejohn

36:30 minutes (41.93 MB)

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DTES Mindfulness Group

Repeats every week until Mon May 31 2010 .

A Mindfulness Group for Service Providers in the Downtown Eastside


Lookout Training Room
Suite 206 – 524 Powell Street

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Fifth Precept Meditation and Discussion group

Repeats every week until Tue Jun 01 2010 .

The Fifth Precept Meditation and Discussion group is open to anyone in active recovery from addiction. 

 Any individual who feels as though they could benefit from this group is welcome.


9am Start

Formal greeting by volunteer facilitator.

Round of introductions, check in

Reading of facilitators selected text on spirituality, the Dharma or the Twelve Steps.

20 min silent meditation

round of discussion

5 min silent meditation

Dana (practice of generosity/paying the rent)


The Dharmalab
Hastings and Commercial

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Addiction vs. Freedom by Ven. Robina Courtin

'...we can mould this mind into any shape we like and that's the difficult job because we are all junkies to the methods that we use now to just follow attachment, to follow blame, to follow anger and we don't even know any other way..'

48:48 minutes (11.17 MB)

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Taming the Hungry Ghost: The Universal Addiction Process, Its Origins and Healing by Gabor Mate

Dr. Gabor Mate's talk from the July 3, 2008 Awake in Action at the Shambhala Centre of Vancouver.

57:46 minutes (52.89 MB)

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Breaking the Addiction to our Mind by Noah Levine

The first hour of Noah's talk at the Vancouver Masonic Hall on October 18, 2007.

Thanks to Banyen Books and Orchard Recovery Centre for sponsoring.

58:05 minutes (39.88 MB)

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