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Ken Wilber's Twenty Tenets of Evolution - part 3 of 4 by Elizabeth Debold and special guest Carter Phipps

Thus far, we have covered fifteen tenets and their relationship to Evolutionary Enlightenment. In our call this week, we will discuss the final set of tenets, which explore how evolution has a direction, or telos, and is moving toward a goal. Here are this week's tenets:
Evolution has directionality, which includes:

1. increasing complexity
2. increasing differentiation/integration
3. increasing organization/structuration
4. increasing relative autonomy
5. increasing telos

Wilber first presented the Twenty Tenets in his magnum opus Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, and also in A Brief History of Everything. He synthesized these tenets from both evolutionary science and dynamic systems theory—discovering how these principles of evolution operate in relation to matter, life, and mind—and also how they describe patterns found in cosmic evolution from the big bang all the way to the development of human consciousness and culture.

After exploring these principles, Elizabeth and Carter will speak about how these tenets help us foresee the next step in the evolution of human consciousness, which is what Evolutionary Enlightenment is all about.

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