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How To Get High Without Drugs by Douglas Rushkoff

Douglas talks about the thesis of his 1995 book "Stoned Free: How to Get High Without Drugs". This audio excerpted from  Open Source Reality - a November 29, 2008 interview podcast.

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Just to check back with you,

Just to check back with you, my sister is fine and healthy, she's been out of rehab for 3 years now and things couldn't be better. We're so very glad she's alive again.

I am sure a lot of people are

I am sure a lot of people are interested in what you have to say about that. Getting high with or without drugs was never a priority of mine so I guess I rather not know. On the other hand as the father for two I would very much prefer to check this information, I ought to be prepared in case any of my kids has problems. My young sister spent a good deal of time in a Northern California drug rehab to recover from a horrible drug habit, we all learned from this experience.