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Higher Development by Elizabeth Debold and Jeff Carreira

In this episode Elizabeth and Jeff are happy to welcome Zachary Stein as our special guest. Zachary is the senior analyst for the Developmental Testing Service and is currently a doctoral student of philosophy and cognitive development at Harvard University. His research focuses on theoretical work in psychometrics, developmental assessment, and the philosophy of education. In recent years he has been writing for a variety of forums on a range of topics from cognitive development and pedagogy to philosophy of education and interdisciplinarity. Zak has run workshops on “mind, brain, and education” with primary and secondary school teachers, management consultants, and leadership experts in public and higher education, the federal government, and industry. He also serves as head teaching fellow for the Mind, Brain, and Education EdM program at Harvard, where he has received many awards including an Intellectual Contribution Award and a Faculty Tribute Fellowship.

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