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Hanshan Temple by Buddhist Chants & Peace Music

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thank you so much xoxo

thank you so much xoxo

Hanshan Temple peace music

I finally find it.. the first time I've listen I was moved to tears.. The harmony is havenly.. Now I can listen every day non-stop..What a gift.. Love You all..My gratitude and sincere thanks..

Good Music

It's a real calming music, I felt so comfortable when I listened this . I want to down load this audio. Please tell me where is this available?

I had listened this chants on

I had listened this chants on U-tube and was trying to download it.Finally I found it here.I am submerged in this chants, soothing, life-giving music.Thank you . Metta. *Rajesh Katulkar

That's the kind of music that

That's the kind of music that makes me feel the peace inside regardless the problems around me. I started tibetan meditation years ago and that changed my life, I don't think I could ever quit meditation, no matter what happens next. Church of Shambhala helped me find myself. Thank you for the music, I enjoy it very much!

Thank you very much for this

Thank you very much for this music. My mum loves it - it helps her with relax and with her meditation. Finding it here was a real boon. Best wishes, Steve.

Thank You

Hi There
Thank You for this music , it brings me peace that I have been looking for ! Glory to all the Bodhisatvas, Rishis and Gurus Aum Shanti

Any more chants like this?

Can some tell me similar chant like this one?

try this...