The first day morning teachings from Selves and Non Self. Recorded at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

85:55 minutes (84.34 MB)

23:46 minutes (32.65 MB)

63:59 minutes (29.3 MB)

Koren Wright- Argosy U., Phoenix, AZ; Chad Johnson-U. Oklahoma; Kendra Markle-Kaiser; Daniel Levinson-U.Wisconsin; Larry Greischar-U. Wisconsin; Michael Haggerty-UC Davis

Spirit Rock Meditation Center 2009 Scientists Retreat - January 11-18, 2009

23:49 minutes (10.9 MB)

Hexagram 55 is named 豐 (feng1), "Abounding". Other variations include "abundance" and "fullness". Its inner trigram is ☲ (離 li2) radiance = (火) fire, and its outer trigram is ☳ (震 zhen4) shake = (雷) thunder.

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