In this special two-hour teleseminar, Terry and Craig take a look back over the key themes we've covered throughout the Great Integral Awakening series. Includes a review of key learnings around how the spiritual path needs to evolve to meet the challenges of our moment in history; what it means to face and transcend the obstacles to our own unfolding; what a truly "integral" spiritual path looks like, and how each of us can more fully engage in the process of conscious evolution.

119:01 minutes (27.24 MB)

Hexagram 61 is named 中孚 (zhong1 fu2), "Center Returning". Other variations include "inner truth" and "central return". Its inner trigram is ☱ (兌 dui4) open = (澤) swamp, and its outer trigram is ☴ (巽 xun4) ground = (風) wind.

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