Hexagram 64 is named 未濟 (wei4 ji4), "Not Yet Fording". Other variations include "before completion" and "not yet completed". Its inner trigram is ☵ (坎 kan3) gorge = (水) water, and its outer trigram is ☲ (離 li2) radiance = (火) fire.

In this teleseminar, Genpo Roshi shares with us the essence of Big Mind, Big Heart, an original approach to Zen practice that can enable even the novice student to have a direct and potentially life changing experience of their own true nature. He also explains why it is vital that we find new ways of understanding, teaching and practicing the timeless spiritual paths of the East.

95:57 minutes (21.97 MB)

57:41 minutes (26.43 MB)

Buddham Sharanam Gatshami - Indian vocalists, beautiful mesmerizing, just love this chanting

4:33 minutes (4.17 MB)

Hexagram 4 is named 蒙 (meng2), "Enveloping". Other variations include "youthful folly", "the young shoot", and "discovering". Its inner trigram is ☵ (坎 kan3) gorge = (水) water. Its outer trigram is ☶ (艮 gen4) bound = (山) mountain.

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