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Euphoric Resonance by frequency=quantumleaps

The purpose of CD 2 is to encourage out-of-body practices and habits as well as expansion of the energy body. Most of the tracks on this CD as well as the first feature pink noise which creates granulation-like effects and disperses one's resonance and energy body.

This first track is focused on generating a pleasant euphoria along with building positive personality traits and discouraging habitual anger among other resonances that's help to elevate some of the troubles associated with the material plane (and leaving it behind too).

These tracks would be good for astral projection, remote viewing, meditation, or sleep/sleep induced OOBE.

Please note that binaural beats work best through headphones.

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How to use these disks?

Please provide the step by step method to use and get benefit from these two disks. provide the binaural beats details in each track and if there is any subliminal hidden messages etc.

at least some guideline must be defined. Readers will be very thankful to you.

just thank you for this

just thank you for this

I've gotten to some good

I've gotten to some good places in my head with this one.
No Astral Projections from it (yet) but falling asleep to it gave me a series of lucid dreams. One came right after the other.

I'm struggling with

I'm struggling with depression, and find this track useful to help me calm down when I get to feeling real down... It makes me feel better, and I seem to be getting a better hold on my feelings (or at least I feel happier than I did before I listened to this track...I feel it definitly helped in the way it was described to.