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Epsilon OBE by frequency=quantumleaps

This second track brings one from the traditional Schumann's resonance all the way down to a zero hertz frequency in the low delta epsilon range then slowly moves back upwards to an OOBE resonance.

The purpose of CD 2 is to encourage out-of-body practices and habits as well as expansion of the energy body. Most of the tracks on this CD as well as the first feature pink noise which creates granulation-like effects and disperses one's resonance and energy body.

These tracks would be good for astral projection, remote viewing, meditation, or sleep/sleep induced OOBE.

Please note that binaural beats work best through headphones.

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Great tracks!

Fantastic sound. Can you tell me how these are made?
What software I mean?

- Calin from Romania


Is what you're looking for: http://uazu.net/sbagen/

Feel free to upload here and share with others anything you make that you think others may benefit from!

I forgot to leave my email with my previous comment

I wrote the last comment and wanted to add my email this time. I like this recording. I read somewhere that E psilon (is it frequency) is hard to find, just on the internet to listen to. I somehow assosiated the sound with healing. I dont know anything about E psilon,unless i do but just havent Identified by name. I would like to know some more about E psilon. (I put the space there on purpose). Smiles.

expressing my gratitude for this site.

i slept so deeply, without dreams but upon awakening it felt like i was asleep for only about a halve hour--a morning nap--i layed down with the headphones on at 9:30 am woke on the couch in the same position at 5:30 pm---disorientated without much memory of dreaming, normally if i fall asleep for 10 minutes-i instantly dream vivid elaborate dreams that are days+nights long, pact somehow into the space of the a 10 minute nap-somehow. This was totally the opposite but I've had a bad cough/virus, and i felt so much better everything was all loosened up and i felt so restored. I have listened to this one beforetoday, but only simultaneously with an arousal binaural beat in hi theta low alpha range, the result felt like stressfree-outside the box-state or at least a wider horizon of focus, and while in a confrence i was very able to exchange energies. I decided to lay down to meditate or power nap to this a couple mornings ago-listening to only this track-no mixing (is a safer idea) thats when i fell deeply and rapidly asleep and woke 8 hours later-never having moved dreamed or stirred-i believe that the state of dreamless sleep is evoked by this sound you have made.I was also sick so i needed that and dont know if thats why i blanked out for an entire 8 hours, Sleep is easy for me, but its also very busy with vivid dreams. This was quite devoid that and my sence of time was like i lost time. I ill try this again when I dont have a cold. I d really like to understand much much more! Your site here is really a wonderful treasure to find. I 'm grateful for the energy time generosity and intention of the people who made this site and share it!! This is rare thats all i know, but want to know more. Thanxx-- Zip !