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The Economics of Happiness by Helena Norberg-Hodge

Helena Norberg-Hodge speaks on the effects of economic globalization. Helena Norberg-Hodge is a leading analyst of the impact of the global economy on cultures and agriculture worldwide and a pioneer of the localisation movement. She is the founder and director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC). Based in the US and UK, with subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany, Australia, and Ladakh, ISEC’s mission is to examine the root causes of our social and environmental crises, while promoting more sustainable and equitable patterns of living in both North and South. She is the author of Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh, based on her first-hand experience of the effects of conventional development in Ladakh.

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Loved the movie!

Wealth, accumulation, consumerism do not translate to happiness and contentment with life. Can Buddhists initiate a mindful approach to changing the system from inside out through collective inquiry, learning and intentional engagement?