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American Philosophy and Evolutionary Enlightenment by Jeff Carreira

In March 2009 EnlightenNext's Director of Education, Jeff Carreira, gave a presentation relating the development of American Philosophy to the spiritual teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment. During the presentation he shared the ideas and lives of some of America’s most celebrated visionaries and examined how consciousness and culture developed during times of enormous change and creative growth.

87:39 minutes (20.07 MB)

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Composting Desire by Ethan Nichtern

Using Open to Desire by Buddhist Psychologist Mark Epstein, Ethan explores the mind-states of desire from various angles and perspectives.

53:44 minutes (26.9 MB)

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Mahayana Buddhism And Bodhisattvas by Malcolm David Eckel

31:21 minutes (14.36 MB)

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First Diffusion Of The Dharma In Tibet by Malcolm David Eckel

31:44 minutes (14.53 MB)

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How Karma Works: Learning to Design Your Ideal Life by Lama Sumati Marut

Recorded at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver - March 31, 2010.
A brilliant and succinct lecture on karma and it's effects, bringing together sanskrit texts and life experience to define a real-world method of changing our lives here and now. INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO PURIFY OUR KARMA AT 1:15:00!

124:53 minutes (42.88 MB)

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Honen, Shinran Nichiren (Lecture 22) by The Teaching Company

31:02 minutes (14.26 MB)

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Three Attitudes - Lecture 3 by Ven. Robina Courtin

In Tibetan Buddhism it's taught that the three principles of the path - renunciation, bodhicitta and a correct understanding of emptiness - are the basis of the our spiritual progress. What exactly are these attitudes and how can we apply them to our lives right now? Are they just some outdated Tibetan trip that no longer fit with life in the west? And why are they supposed to be the basis for entering the tantric teachings?

153:41 minutes (70.35 MB)

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Buddhist Philosophy by Malcolm David Eckel

31:05 minutes (14.23 MB)

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Origins of Japanese Buddhism (Lecture 21) by Malcolm David Eckel

30:58 minutes (14.22 MB)

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