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Melissa Rosenkranz-U. Wisconsin; Praveen Chopra-private; Paula Sigafus-Kaiser; Sarah Bowen-U. Washington; Jim Saveland-US Forest Service; Michael Warren-Claremont Graduate U.; Francis Haberli-U. Wisconsin; Charlie Thompson-U. Washington

Spirit Rock Meditation Center 2009 Scientists Retreat - January 11-18, 2009

20:38 minutes (9.45 MB)

In this webcast there are two 5-minute audio clips recorded during a phone conversation between Cohen and Wilber, in which they discuss how the transformative approach of Evolutionary Enlightenment and the contextual power of Integral Theory cover the two critical requirements for real development—practice and theory. These complementary approaches are a match made in evolutionary heaven!

60:11 minutes (24.11 MB)

Join pioneering scientist, author and Institute of Noetic Sciences president Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Ph.D. for a firsthand look at her groundbreaking research into the nature of human spiritual transformation. She shares her latest insights into the unique mechanisms of the transformative process, how to understand them, how to facilitate them, and how these fundamental shifts in worldview result in a richer, more meaningful experience of being alive

98:06 minutes (22.46 MB)

30:39 minutes (42.09 MB)

Part and parcel of forging a new spiritual path is the need to create equally innovative forms of spiritual practice. Join Integral Institute core member and Integral Life Practice author Terry Patten as he takes us to the leading edge of this bold new frontier, discussing how this bold, new approach to transformation can help us all to fulfill our two deepest evolutionary impulses — the urge to wake up, and the inspiration to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

110:22 minutes (25.26 MB)
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