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Interviews & Dialogues

Have We Moved Beyond The Age Of Gurus? by Ken Wilber

5:24 minutes (7.43 MB)

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Emotions: Q and A by Andrea Fella

55:59 minutes (9.61 MB)

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Higher Development by Elizabeth Debold and Jeff Carreira

In this episode Elizabeth and Jeff are happy to welcome Zachary Stein as our special guest. Zachary is the senior analyst for the Developmental Testing Service and is currently a doctoral student of philosophy and cognitive development at Harvard University.

60:41 minutes (24.31 MB)

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The States Of Waking, Dreaming, And Deep Sleep by Ken Wilber

3:23 minutes (3.89 MB)

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Perfect Health - Track 02 by Deepak Chopra

27:04 minutes (37.17 MB)

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How to Deal with Disappointment in Your Spiritual Teachers by Tami Simon and Ken Wilber

Tami Simon shares her experiences of being painfully disappointed by various spiritual teachers, as well as her own personal methods of working with this disappointment. What do we do when our spiritual guides don't quite measure up to our own expectations of them? Can recognizing their limitations actually help free the wisdom the have to offer us?
Source (incl. comments): http://integrallife.com/node/2030

38:05 minutes (13.13 MB)

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Sacred Awakenings Interview: Julia Butterfly Hill by Stephen Dinan


52:11 minutes (11.95 MB)

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The Path of the Co-Creator: Awakening the Soul of Evolution by Barbera Marx Hubbard

Join visionary futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard for this lively exploration of the practice and promise of evolutionary spirituality. Learn how to awaken to the "Impulse of Evolution" that is eternally unfolding within us, moving us to reach toward an ever deeper understanding of and participation in the processes of creation - until we literally become 'co-creators' on a universal scale.

89:51 minutes (20.57 MB)

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