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Interviews & Dialogues

Psychology of the Paranormal by Michael Thalbourne

19:48 minutes (9.07 MB)

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Higher We by Barbara Marx Hubbard

Her response to an interview by the same title with Andrew Cohen.

31:09 minutes (14.27 MB)

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Casting Shadow by Ken Wilber

14:41 minutes (6.72 MB)

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The Four Quadrants by Ken Wilber

13:00 minutes (17.86 MB)

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The Path of the Co-Creator: Awakening the Soul of Evolution by Barbera Marx Hubbard

Join visionary futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard for this lively exploration of the practice and promise of evolutionary spirituality. Learn how to awaken to the "Impulse of Evolution" that is eternally unfolding within us, moving us to reach toward an ever deeper understanding of and participation in the processes of creation - until we literally become 'co-creators' on a universal scale.

89:51 minutes (20.57 MB)

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Vimala Thakar: Spiritual Revolutionary and Activist - A Tribute To Her Extraordinary Life by Chris Parish and Kyrsten Perry

Vimala Thakar passed away on March 11th 2009 in India. In this webcast we honour the life of this deeply enlightened and independent woman, and share our personal experiences of both meeting and interviewing her. She was a rare and inspiring example for us all of what real spiritual attainment looks like, and of integrating the inner and outer life.

50:08 minutes (22.95 MB)

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Women on the Edge of Evolution: The Sacred Task of Midwifing the Integral Feminine by Claire Zammit

There’s an impulse being felt by millions of people around the world: the yearning to reclaim the feminine. Yet, in order for this reintegration of the feminine to catalyze our next evolutionary stage of development, it must be consciously evolved and expressed through women at the integral level of consciousness. Join Claire Zammit, who has been pioneering a pathway for women’s evolution in her work with thousands of women, to learn how to awaken the integral feminine in yourself and midwife it into our world.

94:03 minutes (21.53 MB)

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A Spirituality of Uniqueness: Daring to Question the Dogma of Oneness by Dr. Marc Gafni

In this teleseminar on "the Unique Self," Dr. Marc Gafni explores what it means to move beyond egoic specialness or uniqueness into an experience of radical "enlightened uniqueness." Marc explains why he feels that Unique Self is the most powerful and complete expression of enlightenment, love, Eros and joy, and why it will fundamentally challenge—and evolve—our entire understanding of life purpose, enlightenment and just about everything else.

97:52 minutes (22.4 MB)

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Ken Wilber: Integral Transformation Pt 2 by Tami Simon

48:28 minutes (22.23 MB)

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