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Tami Simon speaks with Jack Kornfield, the author of The Wise Heart and one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West. Kornfield reflects on four decades of personal meditation practice and how this has informed how he works with students.

35:36 minutes (16.33 MB)

Join EnlightenNext Executive Editor Carter Phipps for a riveting exploration of the emerging worldview of evolutionary spirituality. Challenging traditional concepts of enlightenment and the nature of the self, Carter illuminates an entirely new context for human life, redefining the basic goals of spiritual practice and revealing our ultimate potential for transforming ourselves and our world.

94:59 minutes (21.74 MB)

Elizabeth Debold continues the exploration of Evolutionary Enlightenment and integral theory. Starting from two very different standpoints, Cohen and Wilber have come to many of the same conclusions about spiritual evolution and humanity's future. Last week's webcast focused on Wilber's early work, and this webcast focuses on how Cohen developed the integral evolutionary spiritual path known as Evolutionary Enlightenment. Joining Elizabeth Debold was special guest Amy Edelstein, who met Cohen shortly after his awakening and is one of his most senior students.

35:07 minutes (14.07 MB)
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