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Jeff Carreira and Elizabeth Debold host guests Andrew Cohen speaking on the Discovery Cycle and Steve McIntosh, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jenny Wade and Gary Lachman answer the question "What do you see as the relationship between inner and outer evolution and where do you feel it is most important for Evolutionaries/Integralists to focus their efforts for conscious evolution?"

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About “mistakes and mis-steps as our spiritual practice deepens.”

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Sally Kempton, Ken Wilber and Marc Gafni discuss the notion of the Unique Self, which represents the deepest possible expression of consciousness—a subject that can never be made object, the union of ever-present consciousness and individual perspective at a radically fundamental level.  

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Examining the miraculous process of individuation, how it has evolved through time, and the possibility of actively guiding it into the future.

Individuation occurs when we develop the capacity to distinguish our psychological world from the external world, when we learn to distinguish between “self” and “other.” It is what gives us our sense of being “someone,” of “self” of “me-ness.”

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Join pioneering scientist, author and Institute of Noetic Sciences president Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Ph.D. for a firsthand look at her groundbreaking research into the nature of human spiritual transformation. She shares her latest insights into the unique mechanisms of the transformative process, how to understand them, how to facilitate them, and how these fundamental shifts in worldview result in a richer, more meaningful experience of being alive

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