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Interviews & Dialogues

Mindsight and Personal Transformation by Roshi Joan Halifax

Speaker:  Daniel Siegel, MD  Psychiatrist, researcher, therapist and author Dan Siegel says there is a deep truth to the question, “Who are we?”  If the brain is a social organ, as Dan’s research and clinical experience show, then what does “I” mean?  It takes the practice of mindfulness to to dissolve the delusion [...]

39:23 minutes (18.04 MB)

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A Spirituality of Uniqueness: Daring to Question the Dogma of Oneness by Dr. Marc Gafni

In this teleseminar on "the Unique Self," Dr. Marc Gafni explores what it means to move beyond egoic specialness or uniqueness into an experience of radical "enlightened uniqueness." Marc explains why he feels that Unique Self is the most powerful and complete expression of enlightenment, love, Eros and joy, and why it will fundamentally challenge—and evolve—our entire understanding of life purpose, enlightenment and just about everything else.

97:52 minutes (22.4 MB)

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An Integrally Informed Approach To Psychedelics by Ken Wilber

6:47 minutes (9.33 MB)

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Skillful Means In Communicating About Spirituality by Ken Wilber

4:01 minutes (4.61 MB)

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Ken Wilber's Twenty Tenets of Evolution - part 2 of 4 by Jeff Carreira and Elizabeth Debold

Wilber presents and discusses the Twenty Tenets in his magnum opus, Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, and also in A Brief History of Everything. The tenets describe reality—both interior and exterior—as composed entirely of “holons”—entities that are always wholes, and always part of a larger whole. In tenets that we will discuss this week, we’ll explore how this holonic structure enables vertical evolution. Here are this week’s tenets:

65:28 minutes (26.23 MB)

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Perfect Health - Track 02 by Deepak Chopra

27:04 minutes (37.17 MB)

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Interview with Dr. B. Alan Wallace by Alex Tsakir

Dr. B. Alan Wallace, Tibetan Buddhism scholar, explores his research into human consciousness, and how some skeptical critics are mistaken about Buddhism and its implications for understanding how our brain works: "…this is what bothers me about many of the so called skeptics… what they are doing is defending the status quo which doesn’t take a whole lot of guts. They are about as skeptical as Pat Robertson or Billy Graham. They too have a congregation behind them.

54:05 minutes (24.77 MB)

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Every State Has A Body by Ken Wilber

3:34 minutes (4.09 MB)

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