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In the midst of our turbulent times, a new spiritual impulse is emerging, compelling us to turn our spiritual passion toward the transformation and upliftment of the world. For many of us, the question of how we can best serve the evolutionary process is paramount. Join global changemaker Dr. Don Beck for an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities of evolutionary leadership, and what it takes to be an effective agent of transformation.

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Thus far, we have covered fifteen tenets and their relationship to Evolutionary Enlightenment. In our call this week, we will discuss the final set of tenets, which explore how evolution has a direction, or telos, and is moving toward a goal. Here are this week's tenets:
Evolution has directionality, which includes:

1. increasing complexity
2. increasing differentiation/integration
3. increasing organization/structuration
4. increasing relative autonomy
5. increasing telos

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About “mistakes and mis-steps as our spiritual practice deepens.”

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Join visionary futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard for this lively exploration of the practice and promise of evolutionary spirituality. Learn how to awaken to the "Impulse of Evolution" that is eternally unfolding within us, moving us to reach toward an ever deeper understanding of and participation in the processes of creation - until we literally become 'co-creators' on a universal scale.

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In this episode Elizabeth and Jeff are happy to welcome Zachary Stein as our special guest. Zachary is the senior analyst for the Developmental Testing Service and is currently a doctoral student of philosophy and cognitive development at Harvard University.

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