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The Unique Self by Marc Gafni, Sally Kempton, Ken Wilber, and Robb Smith

Sally Kempton, Ken Wilber and Marc Gafni discuss the notion of the Unique Self, which represents the deepest possible expression of consciousness—a subject that can never be made object, the union of ever-present consciousness and individual perspective at a radically fundamental level.  

51:07 minutes (17.6 MB)

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The Necessity of Metaphysics by Steve McIntosh

Steve discusses metaphysics and its place of prominence in the development of integral consciousness.

60:56 minutes (27.9 MB)

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Ayahuasca by Ken Wilber

18:09 minutes (8.31 MB)

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The Future of Buddhism: Big Mind, Big Heart, and the Evolution of the Dharma by Genpo Roshi

In this teleseminar, Genpo Roshi shares with us the essence of Big Mind, Big Heart, an original approach to Zen practice that can enable even the novice student to have a direct and potentially life changing experience of their own true nature. He also explains why it is vital that we find new ways of understanding, teaching and practicing the timeless spiritual paths of the East.

95:57 minutes (21.97 MB)

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Spirit Rock 2009 Neuroscientists Retreat - Presentation 2 by Sylvia Boorstein

Koren Wright- Argosy U., Phoenix, AZ; Chad Johnson-U. Oklahoma; Kendra Markle-Kaiser; Daniel Levinson-U.Wisconsin; Larry Greischar-U. Wisconsin; Michael Haggerty-UC Davis

Spirit Rock Meditation Center 2009 Scientists Retreat - January 11-18, 2009

23:49 minutes (10.9 MB)

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Women on the Edge of Evolution: The Sacred Task of Midwifing the Integral Feminine by Claire Zammit

There’s an impulse being felt by millions of people around the world: the yearning to reclaim the feminine. Yet, in order for this reintegration of the feminine to catalyze our next evolutionary stage of development, it must be consciously evolved and expressed through women at the integral level of consciousness. Join Claire Zammit, who has been pioneering a pathway for women’s evolution in her work with thousands of women, to learn how to awaken the integral feminine in yourself and midwife it into our world.

94:03 minutes (21.53 MB)

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Brother Thay: A Radio Pilgrimage by Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh offers stark, gentle wisdom for living in a world of anger and violence. Here, he discusses the concepts of "engaged Buddhism," "being peace," and "mindfulness."

53:18 minutes (48.89 MB)

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