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In this dialogue with Integral Zen teacher Diane Hamilton, we learn what it means to work with the shadow elements of consciousness before they work with us. For instance, we may be able to access expanded states of awareness, but still get hung up when addressing personal or interpersonal matters. Learn tools to help you address this discrepancy between personal and the transpersonal work, so that your spiritual awareness can be fully manifested in everyday life.

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An interview with American Zen Master Genpo Roshi, who has developed and teaches the Big Mind process.

58:15 minutes (26.67 MB)

Wilber outlines these tenets in his book Sex, Ecology, Spirituality (Shambhala, 1995), and he describes them as “patterns of existence” and “tendencies of evolution.”

On this webcast, we will look into the first group of tenets, which are the following:

66:55 minutes (26.8 MB)


52:11 minutes (11.95 MB)
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