The Buddhist Attitude to Animal Cruelty by Ajahn Brahmavamso


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Animals have lives too which

Animals have lives too which are given through birth like human beings. I'm not a Buddhist but I respect this kind of philosophy. Suffering in any way, small or large is still suffering. Buddhism is also definitely against killing, and though animals don't have the brains like humans, they can still express pain like us reminding us that we should treasure life in any form it shows us.

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Eating flesh of sentient beings -not in keeping with the Dharma

Those who are interested in what the Buddha said on eating meat, fish fat and products which is the result of harm and killing. Check out the Shurangama sutra, the Lankatavara sutra and the below:

In the seventh chapter of the Angulimala Sutra, a Mahayana sutra, Manjushri asks the Buddha:

"Is it true that the buddhas do not eat meat due to Buddha nature?" The Buddha said: "It is exactly like that, Manjushri. In the sequence of lives during our beginningless and endless coming and going in samsara there is no being that has not been our mother, that has not been our sister. Dogs have been our fathers before. The world of those lives is like a play. Therefore, since our own flesh and that of others is the same flesh, the buddhas do not eat meat. Furthermore, Manjushri, the sphere of all beings is the dharmadhatu. As this would constitute eating flesh of the same sphere, the buddhas do not eat meat."

From the Angulimala Sutra:

The Buddha said: "Angulimala, in countless lives, out of respect for the millions of living beings, I have given up fish, meat, fat, in fact any food associated with killing and have also caused beings to do the same. Due to this my body has become the excellent body of a buddha, characterised by the special marks."

Even if the Buddha had said it was OK to eat flesh of sentient beings, I would not, because it is obviously not an ethical, just or compassionate act. Compassion, wisdom, kindness, non-harm are the basis of the Buddha's teachings, so it would be contrary to his teachings to eat the flesh of murdered sentient beings. Where there is a meat eater, there is an animal killer.

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Buddha rejects vegetarian diet for monks

 Devadatta began as a well respected, if slightly pushy, loyal disciple of Shakyamuni.

He was known for his mastery of psychic supra-normal powers- reading thoughts, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and the like. Devadatta often asked for the Buddha to increase the severity of certain rules of the Vinaya, but the Buddha always resisted, explaining why the rules must be what they were and not more or less severe.

One that is often mentioned is that Devadatta requested that monks be required to follow a vegetarian diet, which the Buddha rejected.

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