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About “mistakes and mis-steps as our spiritual practice deepens.”

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This talk was given to an Integral Transformative Practice group in Walnut Creek, California. In his talk, Michael discusses, among other things, ways in which our egos get in the way of realization, the Great Chain of Being, the "Spiritual Slingshot", evolution and involution, resistance, questioning, and the discipline needed for the simple practice of stillness.

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Michael deals with how dualistic attachment is actually the birth of war. Our work, he says, is to recognize that there is always a deeper expanse that can inform our choices. Conscious choosing becomes especially important when negativity and resistance to life's circumstances.

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Great teachers make great maps, at least in the spiritual realm. In this talk, Michael uses a brief set of instructions written by Ken Wilber that point directly toward our Witnessing Awareness. Uncovering this Witness, this essential opening of Spirit, is made very simple when the maps that our teachers offer us are clear.

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How is it that we can stay centered, even if we feel someone is getting in our way?

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In this talk, Michael discusses how we can see that those who metaphorically give us bloody noses, can be our greatest teachers, offering us great Dharma doors through which we can walk. He talks about his stint as a stand-up comic, and then uses an excerpt from his upcoming book, in order to help articulate how it is that we can learn to allow for space to inform all in us that is closed. Questions from the audience deal with observing our addictions as a way of diminishing them; and not caring what people think.

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Are there reasons to embrace a group of spiritual friends? In this talk, Michael discusses how we actually need friends to assist us as we climb the Mountain of Spirit. “We may take the steps on our own,” he says, “but we need friends to deepen our realization.”

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How can we possibly stabilize any type of spiritual practice or realization in the face of all the crap that the world throws our way? In this talk, Michael addresses this issue by suggesting that practicing in the face of beauty is no different than practicing in the mess of daily life. Meditation helps us manage this process by showing us a way to meet all experience with complete relaxation.

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Unlike his normal dharma talks, this podcast is a recording of a presentation he gave to the Walnut Creek, California, Integral Transformative Practice group. For the most part Michael describes the three levels of awareness, nirmanakaya, sambhogakaya, and dharmakaya. At each level, he suggests that there are various traps and snares to consider as we walk the spiritual path. And yet Michael also suggests that there is a way that helps us avoid these impediments.

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