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You: The Immediate Buddha by Genpo Roshi

Our Buddha nature is simply always present and he brings it out for all to see and feel in this lively interactive exchange in a Sunday morning Western Zen talk, open to all. Whether you are an old timer or brand new to Zen, Genpo Roshi makes it alive and "immediate", and you can hear it in the spontaneous responses of the people in the audience.

54:42 minutes (25.04 MB)

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The Future of Buddhism: Big Mind, Big Heart, and the Evolution of the Dharma by Genpo Roshi

In this teleseminar, Genpo Roshi shares with us the essence of Big Mind, Big Heart, an original approach to Zen practice that can enable even the novice student to have a direct and potentially life changing experience of their own true nature. He also explains why it is vital that we find new ways of understanding, teaching and practicing the timeless spiritual paths of the East.

95:57 minutes (21.97 MB)

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Big Mind Process Standalone by Genpo Roshi

15:43 minutes (10.8 MB)

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