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Part and parcel of forging a new spiritual path is the need to create equally innovative forms of spiritual practice. Join Integral Institute core member and Integral Life Practice author Terry Patten as he takes us to the leading edge of this bold new frontier, discussing how this bold, new approach to transformation can help us all to fulfill our two deepest evolutionary impulses — the urge to wake up, and the inspiration to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

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In this special two-hour teleseminar, Terry and Craig take a look back over the key themes we've covered throughout the Great Integral Awakening series. Includes a review of key learnings around how the spiritual path needs to evolve to meet the challenges of our moment in history; what it means to face and transcend the obstacles to our own unfolding; what a truly "integral" spiritual path looks like, and how each of us can more fully engage in the process of conscious evolution.

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Join pioneering scientist, author and Institute of Noetic Sciences president Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Ph.D. for a firsthand look at her groundbreaking research into the nature of human spiritual transformation. She shares her latest insights into the unique mechanisms of the transformative process, how to understand them, how to facilitate them, and how these fundamental shifts in worldview result in a richer, more meaningful experience of being alive

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In this teleseminar on "the Unique Self," Dr. Marc Gafni explores what it means to move beyond egoic specialness or uniqueness into an experience of radical "enlightened uniqueness." Marc explains why he feels that Unique Self is the most powerful and complete expression of enlightenment, love, Eros and joy, and why it will fundamentally challenge—and evolve—our entire understanding of life purpose, enlightenment and just about everything else.

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Join Integral Enlightenment Founder Craig Hamilton for an in-depth look at the core shifts that have the power to propel us beyond the confines of the separate ego and into a life of wholehearted engagement with the evolutionary process. Includes an overview of the Integral Enlightenment approach to transformation, and a description of the Integral Enlightenment 9-week Telecourse.

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