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In this episode we look at three reasons why you should meditate. Even though your life is already busy, there are many good reasons to add meditation to your list. Meditation is the only place where you can learn to see into the nature of reality as it really is. Meditation will give you eyes.

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In this episode we examine the nature and meaning of Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion started by the Buddha that teaches a philosophy and a way of life that frees one from attachment and thereby frees one from suffering. The older term for Buddhism is the Buddha Dharma.

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In this episode we explore the meaning of mindfulness. It is rightly said that the core practice of Budhism is mindfulness meditation. However, as important as mindfulness is to Buddhist, it is not always understood. We also tough on the two basic kinds of Buddhist meditation.

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In this episode we give you some very simple sitting meditation instruction. Included are instructions on preparing the body for meditation by sitting correctly and learning to relax into meditation. Then follows step by step directions on how to do mindfulness of the breath meditation.

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