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Updated: 2 hours 27 min ago

I did a TEDx talk about love, Buddhism and Reddit

4 hours 32 min ago

Hi, I recently did a TEDx talk entitled "What is love?" and hope you enjoy it. It'd be interesting to hear what you think, and any questions are welcome. My background is in Zen, so you may find some parallels. I also mentioned AskReddit as an example of how people connect selflessly sometimes. The talk is on youtube and on my blog with a transcript + pics.

I have to say that one of my favourite bits was meeting fellow speaker, astronaut Col. Ron Garan. He's lovely. His talk isn't online yet, but a lot of people said there were parallels, with both of us emphasising connection and a bigger perspective.

(If you'd like to find out more about my stay at a Zen monastery, I did an IAmA a few years ago as a baby redditor. There are also some articles & posts about it on my website.)

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"If he practices, then even a cowherd can realize liberation.. [H]e can systematically establish himself in the experience.. When one has had the experience of actually tasting sugar in one's own mouth, one does not need to have that taste explained.." -P

5 hours 2 min ago

From 'Self Liberation through Seeing with Naked Awareness'

"Just as is the case with the sesame seed being the cause of the oil and the milk being the cause of butter,

But where the oil is not obtained without pressing and the butter is not obtained without churning,

So all sentient beings, even though they possess the actual essence of Buddhahood,

Will not realize Buddhahood without engaging in practice.

If he practices, then even a cowherd can realize liberation.

Even though he does not know the explanation, he can systematically establish himself in the experience of it.

When one has had the experience of actually tasting sugar in one's own mouth,

one does not need to have that taste explained by someone else.

Not understanding this, even Panditas can fall into error."

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TIL Ajahn Chah once said, "if you change the Teachings and the practice to fit the existing habits and opinions of people out of a misguided sense of wanting to please them, you will have failed in your duty to serve in the best way possible."

5 hours 25 min ago

Full quote and context:

When speaking to a group of young Americans who had just opened up a Buddhist meditation centre, he also added the caveat, ‘You will succeed in truly spreading the Buddha-Dhamma here only if you are not afraid to challenge the desires and opinions of your students (literally ‘to stab their hearts’). If you do this, you will succeed; if you do not, if you change the Teachings and the practice to fit the existing habits and opinions of people out of a misguided sense of wanting to please them, you will have failed in your duty to serve in the best way possible.’

Taken from An Introduction to the Life and Teachings of Ajahn Chah.

The book also mentioned a biography of Ajahn Chah, which is said to be unpublished at the time, titled "Uppalamani".. Does anyone know if it's been published? Thanks! :)

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What would be the next best step from here?

7 hours 22 min ago

Hi all.

I have just finished Buddhism Plain and Simple and loved it. I have learnted a lot which I am applying and incorporating into my daily life. I'd just like to know though, if I wanted to learn more about buddhism, where should I turn next? Pick up another book?

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How do I take the next step in my practices? What are your practices like? Looking for some advice.

7 hours 29 min ago

I won't give you the long story right off the bat, but I've familiarized myself with quite a few religions through my studies, and recently, I decided to devote some more time to understanding and practicing Buddhism (to the best of my knowledge, which, although I've spent a few years studying, still feels very minimal). I've done a lot of online research, but I think that hearing advice from a person will really help my progress. I've been looking for a teacher, but where I live there are no resources, Temples, or anything. I've been using the simple focusing on the breath meditation, 40 minutes a day, 20 when I wake, 20 before I settle down for the night. I'm still consuming plenty of media, articles and stories. Thanks for listening!

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"Endowed with these five qualities, a lay follower is a jewel of a lay follower, a lotus of a lay follower, a fine flower of a lay follower."

8 hours 8 min ago

"Endowed with these five qualities, a lay follower is a jewel of a lay follower, a lotus of a lay follower, a fine flower of a lay follower. Which five? He/she has conviction [in the Buddha's awakening]; is virtuous; is not eager for protective charms & ceremonies; trusts kamma, not protective charms & ceremonies; does not search for recipients of his/her offerings outside [of the Sangha], and gives offerings here first. Endowed with these five qualities, a lay follower is a jewel of a lay follower, a lotus of a lay follower, a fine flower of a lay follower."

-AN 5.175

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Is this skillfulness manifesting?

10 hours 16 sec ago

I have observed quite a shift in myself, and I am not sure what to think of it.

  • I'm not really satisfied by anything, as in a sense of anything being the source of my satisfaction, yet I'm not dissatisfied with anything. No malcontent.
  • Having been rather recluse for some time now, socially I have nothing to go do, and no one to see. However, I don't really want any, and yet I am not rejecting of the notion, say if I were to be invited to something.
  • I have access to a nigh bottomless catalog of various media to consume, but I'm not really wanting to delve into it. I leave it sitting there.
  • When I do read/watch/attend something on occasion, I am not moved to dwell on it or discuss it deeply. If I do join in the airing of opinions for sake of being social, I soon find it meaningless and bow out to go on with my life.
  • I read current events and continue to casually study/learn, and have plenty of thoughts and positions on various topics of discussion, yet no real desire to pursue discussing it or thinking on it too much.
  • I still have some old habits of things I buy or keep up on, but I'm not even sure why I do anymore, having little care for it compared to what I once did. It seems wasteful and continued by habit alone, possibly going to be dropped soon.
  • I have no romantic prospects, and yet also don't reject the notion of an established romance, but I have no desire to take on the task of dating, sifting through many perceived implications of interactions and insecurities of others to get one established.
  • I don't have a sense of fulfillment from by job (that isn't where it comes from), and I recognize various injustices in how the company is run including how I am affected, yet I'm not too upset or concerned, and I'm simply continuing with it.
  • It is cold season, and I have had cold symptoms, insomnia, fatigue/pain in the body. Yet I'm not cranky because of it, and have been simply bearing with it as a fact of life.

On the one hand, the lack of craving and irritation seems proper, but on the other hand there may be... a lack of ambition? I'm not sure ambition is beneficial, but I mean there is no drive to pursue improvement, and it seems noble to pursue improvement. The lack includes a lack of much care to help others/the world. I see their suffering, but I passively accept it like I do my own. It seems incomplete, but I don't have a yearning/drive to make myself care more. I'm not certain how emotionally caring more would actually help anything, rather than simply acting in ways that are beneficial. Perhaps that is where the hitch is. Can you tell I didn't think on this much until writing this? It was just an intuitive sense of something I should talk to other Buddhists about.

In the past, I had suffered from depression in winter. I was somewhat inclined to think this is simply a return of that, since it was also dispassionate in some ways, except remembering fully, it was quite different. In those times I had great malcontent, a sense of something terribly wrong existentially, a void that needed to be filled, a loneliness needing companionship, a sorrow needing to be comforted. Right now I am possibly the most contented I have ever been in my life. Could it possibly be a blend of bodily depression dampening my passions, and skillfulness keeping me out of the pit? I know we aren't to seek professional psychological advice on here, but I'm not really seeking that. I'm mostly asking the more experienced Buddhists here if such a state tends to develop with practice and is generally expected.

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Social Drinking

10 hours 37 min ago

I have not drank ever but I'm going to a Christmas party soon and I don't know what to do, everyone will be drinking and its partly because I don't want to be left out but its mainly the fact that part of me wants to have a drink or 2, not get drunk. Just a couple of drinks at a gathering with some friends. I have no intention of getting intoxicated, or it becoming a regular thing.

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What exactly are the three branches of Buddhism?

10 hours 51 min ago

I have researched them a food amount and realized what I was practicing was Mahyana I believe... as I look at the other two they all seemed to mesh into what I believed was a singular belief but I guess they are different.. what makes them different . What is Tibetan Buddhism?

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How do you train to get to the point of controlling your mind?

10 hours 59 min ago

I come from a background where i haven't really trained myself in mind control all that much. In turn, I end up getting angry at others and insulting the triple gem because of arising thoughts that are not controlled.

What training is there for mind control development?

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Do you guys bow?

14 hours 18 min ago

Like before meals and stuff. I find myself currently too self-conscious to do it in public so I might just do a mental "gassho" before gobbling up whatever is on my plate.

Just a random question. Happy Christmas!

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Fear of Silence : Thich Nhat Hanh

December 21, 2014 - 6:29pm

Accepting The Inevitability of Death

December 21, 2014 - 5:11pm

For my entire life I have been afraid of death. I don't want to and have dedicated a small portion of my life to the pursuit of life elongation. However every time I so much as think about death it sends me into a panic attack and slight depression. I have asked many people how they deal with the fact that we all die and the only thing I have been told is to distract myself from it. This certainly works, but it doesn't feel right. Should I really spend my whole life hiding from something that will happen. I don't know how to get over it and fear I never will. Does anyone have any insight.

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My meditation corner

December 21, 2014 - 4:41pm

In what ways is Buddhism different from Hinduism?

December 21, 2014 - 3:48pm

I am aware that Buddha was born as a Hindu but that's about it. Pardon me if this is a really basic question but I'd prefer to ask here instead of Googling here because there will be more information and insights from a varied audience instead of just one 'scholar' or two.

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