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How do you make the refuge formula meaningful?

4 hours 35 min ago

I took refuge and lay vows a number of years ago, and I take those vows seriously. At the same time, I was given a number of 'commitments', including offering the 1st portion of every meal to the three jewels and saying the refuge formula 6x per day. I have some doubts about how to make the rote recitation of 'I go for refuge to the Buddha, I go for refuge to the Dharma, I go for refuge to the Sangha' meaningful. I try to contemplate the virtues of the three jewels, and that helps, but I still feel like I'm asking for protection, essentially. How do you make this bit of commitment meaningful?

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Drawn to becoming a Buddhist

5 hours 56 min ago

A little back story for you first.

I started meditating about August last year after battling with depression for many years. I had a bad turn, and decided to try absolutely anything to get fixed, otherwise I was going to seriously considering killing myself. I downloaded an app and started meditating for 10 minutes a day.

I've meditated pretty much every day since, and now I sit for up to two hours a day. It has done wonders for my depression and anxiety, so much so that I don't consider them to be a huge issue anymore. More dealing with the consequences of having them for so long, like my social skills aren't so great anymore, but I'm getting better every day.

I've learned to treat myself more kindly. I've got a sangha I attend in London that is just brilliant. And the more I've gone to meditate the more I am drawn to Buddhism. It's the only thing that provided me the tools to make life feel truly worth living (meditation), regardless of what I do or don't achieve. It's made me a far better person.

What is stopping me from becoming a mitra, is I feel like I've got a lack of fundamental lack of knowledge about the Buddha. So I don't feel worthy, I'm ignorant. Like I'm not sure what I will have in store for me if I make the plunge and call myself a Buddhist. What life style changes are there? I know when I look at the wheel of dharma I'm following most of the things on there naturally, lead by meditation. But I'd appreciate some more direct guidance from you guys. I'd ask at the Buddhist centre but I can only get down there once a week and they're usually really busy and it ends so late I can't have a sit down talk with anyone. Just meditate and talks until about 10PM.

Also, does anyone consider Deepak Chopra's graphic novels about the Buddha a decent source on him? I've read books but I have so little time to read it is easily forgotten.

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Which Meditation Technique is right for me?

6 hours 22 min ago

i have been meditating for about a year now and have found it to be extremely enlightening. I'm now trying to dig deeper into various techniques such as TM and Zen. Just curious what the similarites and differences between the two are

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Tips for a beginner?

6 hours 28 min ago

I am just currently taking an interest in Buddhism as I am looking to make a positive change in my life. Any tips on successful enlightenment?

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Misanthropy and Compassion

9 hours 20 min ago

(Posting from my phone, will flair shortly)

Recently I grabbed dinner with some friends and met a Hare Krishna, and we talked at length about compassion and love. I held the view that compassion is often mistaken as laying yourself flat and letting the world walk all over you; when really you just wish for others not to suffer at their hand or others.

Today, I read an article on how ISIS killed a gay couple via stoning after hugging them and wishing them well. Suffice it to say after that bizarre take on a ritualized murder, the article left me feeling, how to put it, "Humanity is all fucking stupid. It's a miracle we haven't baked each other into pies yet. I am so done. Get me out of this idiot asylum."

I'm not sure if this is the proper way to practice. I mean, I recognize at some level that it's my reactions to things and not the things themselves that cause agitation, it's also preferable to wish all beings happiness and goodwill. But is it wrong to say "Humanity's craving and ignorance is vast, and I need to practice right away because in this life or the next some idiot or group of idiots may kill me out of craving or aversion?"

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Any recommendations for exercises which are aligned with Buddhism?

9 hours 34 min ago

There have been a few posts on this sub about running and meditation, which got me thinking: what other forms of exercise do you guys think are beneficial for the Buddhist way of life?

Ideally, I'd practice something which was meditative, a good workout, and a form of self-defense which minimizes damage to the attacker - but I'm not sure if something like that exists. Any help?

Thank you!

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Free weekend of live teachings by leader of Drikung Kagyu lineage, HH Drikung Chetsang, May 9th-10th

10 hours 33 min ago

His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgön Chetsang will be offering the following teachings live online from Asheville, North Carolina at Urban Dharma NC:

  • Saturday, May 9th: "Arousing the Altruistic Mind: Transmission of the Bodhisattva Vow"

Arousing the Altruistic Mind presents Buddhist teachings on living a compassionate life guided with clear-seeing wisdom. This is also known as “the way of the bodhisattva.” His Holiness will give these teachings in the context of a traditional liturgy for the transmission of the Bodhisattva Vow. This program is appropriate for those new to Buddhist teachings and advanced students alike.

  • Sunday, May 10th: "Blessings of Vajra Sow: Initiation Into The Uncommon Practice of Vajrav?r?h?"

Blessings of Vajra Sow is most suited for those who have embarked on Buddhist practice and are seeking to further deepen their spiritual lives through engaging in a formal “sadhana” (spiritual discipline) that carries the special magnificent blessings of a living lineage of teachers and disciples, connecting the individual to centuries of realized teachers, all the way to the Buddha. This program is a ritual initiation into the practice of the feminine buddha, Vajra Sow (Vajrav?r?h?).

  • 10am-12pm and 2-4pm EST

Follow @UrbanDharmaNC or like on Facebook for more details. A link to the live stream will also be posted below.

His Holiness Drikung Kyabgön Chetsang is the 37th head of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage of Tibet. As with the Dalai Lamas, the Drikung Chetsang line of reincarnate-lamas is known as one of the main human embodiments of Avalokite?vara (the Buddha of compassion) in the Tibetan Buddhist world. Since escaping from occupied Tibet in 1975, His Holiness has selflessly dedicated his life to the flourishing of the Buddha's teachings in general & the betterment of the lives of many throughout the Himalayan region through his sustainable development projects there. He is one of the last few remaining high-lamas recognized & trained in pre Communist-occupied Tibet. This is His Holiness’ first visit to Asheville & is part of His Holiness’ 2015 Tour of the Americas.

Urban Dharma NC is a new Buddhist center, a community-in-progress in western North Carolina. We are committed to the growing of Dharma locally, in order for Dharma to take root in our lives here in this corner of the world, in this part of North Carolina, on the soil of these Appalachian mountains. Our motto "Changing Minds, Transforming Cities" expresses the vision of living the transformative teachings of the Buddha in a contemporary, urban context where we ground our lives in Dharma. Urban Dharma NC emphasizes integrating rather than compartmentalizing, engaging rather than retreating, communing rather than isolating. We believe that Buddhist teachings have much to offer - not only to those who self-identify as Buddhist but more fundamentally to all who seek to live intentional, compassionate, and balanced lives. And we believe that we can do this best when we have a community that is welcoming, open and supportive.

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Samadhi ? Or EGO playing tricks ?

10 hours 54 min ago

Was meditating today in a forest near the uni I study . I opened my eyes . A thought arrised . Awearness that my thought arrised . There was a feeling that the thought was isolated . I didnt identify myself with the thought . The thought was : sound is empty . Anoather thought arrised . Awearness that anoather thought arrised . I didnt identify myself with the thought . It was isolated . It was not "my " thought . It was just a thought . The thought was : sound is missing inherent existence , sound is empty , sound is an illusion . Anoather thought arrised . Awearness that anoather thought arrised . I didnt identify myself with the thought . It was isolated . It was not "my " thought . It was just a thought . The thought was : the thought is isolated , the thought is empty , the thought is missing inherent existence .

there was a sense of taste in the mouth , it was empty , isolated , missing inherent existence , same for the feeling of touch , vision , pain , even the fact that there was a powerfull concentration and Awearness of that concentration . I didnt identify myself with neighter of those . and each and every one of this happenings is isolated and empty . Its been 3h since I stoped meditating , I feel as light as a feather , I can barely feel my body , and there is this strong feeling of SELF that I cant possibly put in words ... always separated from all the feelings , thoughts , perception etc , and I never identify the self with those .

The thought :" did I reach samadhi ? " came to me , but I knew its just a thought and it dosent express reality . I also knew that its an illusion . Edit : I am in a state of continuous present , concentrated and very aware . It seems to go down . the thoughts about future or past are happening now and im very aware of them .

Edit 2 : I find it very easy to concentrate on different things at the same time . The thoughts , the sounds , the feels etc are isolated all , and there is no sense of self in them .

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What do you think about the practice of mummification in Zen?

11 hours 14 min ago

Do you think mummification is contradictory to Zen thoughts?

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Comparisons between the Tao Te Ching and Buddhism?

14 hours 2 min ago

So I recently read the Tao Te Ching after being a Buddhist for a couple years. With my knowledge in Buddhism, I felt that it was very easy for me to interpret because it was just so similar to Buddhism itself. Does anyone else feel that after reading the Tao Te Ching it could be nearly the same as the Buddhist thought/teaching?

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[Discussion/Question] How do I handle negative responses to my positive attitude in conflicts?

16 hours 15 min ago

Dear locals. Let's introduce myself first. I have been lurking on this sub-reddit for a few weeks. Meditation has been an interest of mine for over two years and the last month I have been sitting on average about five times a week. I am feeling positive effects throughout my life. I feel more energetic, sometimes suddenly I feel a rush of connectedness and happiness through my body and I cannot stop smiling and I feel a lot less stress. For example, where I always had tense shoulders that would hurt when I massaged them, now they are totally relaxed and painfree.

On to the question. I try to handle conflicts in a positive way. Without judgement, without resentment, aimed at solutions and aimed at the future. I try to be compassionate and think win-win. While this makes me a lot more comfortable in conflicts and (or so I feel) a lot more agreeable and constructive, this has not only had positive effects. In one conflict I have been called 'distant'. Another friend of mine only got angrier and angrier and told me that I tend to 'relativize things to death'. In both cases I have the feeling that I am perceived as being disrespectful and the gap between me and my conversation partner just becomes bigger as a result of my calm demeanor.

Can you guys help me? Is this a recognizable challenge? How can I handle conflicts in a good way that is also emotionally satisfying for my partner?

Regards, Dylan.

TL;DR: I feel like meditation and a Buddhist philosophy can cause anger in others during conflicts due to less emotional investment. How can we handle this?

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Met someone from a past life, now I'm not sure what to do (LONG POST)

17 hours 38 min ago

SO last year I left LA to work on a set in Mexico as a translator for the DP. I had known getting there that I would be living there for 5 months. I was single, and willing to create a fling with someone while out there. After a few weeks of working together, we began to hang out on set during any downtime, and that soon led to us hanging out in my hotel room. The night he first came over my heart was pounding so hard I felt like it would burst from my chest. I only found it odd since I couldn't find a reason to feel nervous. I wasn't attached to him, I barley knew him.
That night in the middle of sex I experienced a strange flash back. It threw me out of the mind state of having sex, and nearly killed the mood for me. I didn't make anything of it right away passing, it off as some random vision that didn't have anything to do with him. After a month of constantly seeing each other, whether on or off set, we realized how attached, and how addicted we became to one another. One night, I told him about the flashback from our first night together, and he confirms that he saw it too. That he also felt that feeling of knowing me.

Now I know I am in love. We are not together. I (22F) moved back to LA, and he (34M) stayed in Mexico. We left the title to our relationship as friends. But since I've been back I have felt myself gravitate to him, as if he was a magnet. I don't know if it is because i am in love, or because I don't want to let someone from another lifetime go, or am i in love with him because he is from my other lifetime? Main Question: How should I take meeting someone from my past life?

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What is bhuddism?

19 hours 20 min ago

I'm dumb and would super appreciate an ELI5!

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Trouble with family

April 24, 2015 - 9:48pm
This might not be the most appropriate forum. And if that's the case, then please ignore, remove, do whatever to this post. I've been married for almost a year to a beautiful, wonderful, thrillingly amazing person. I love her with all my heart

I have been sick for a some time now. I think I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. It's hard to tell. At least that's what my doctor’s think. It has been very difficult for me and it’s been difficult for her. The fatigue and pain has caused me to quit my job. I would have gotten fired at some point, so i quit before that. I got married at a point where she knew about my illness. It would have been impossible to hide it.

The problem I have is that whenever she's drinking my wife likes to say that i have a “pretend" illness. She tells people in public that I'm not sick and soon I'll start working again. It’s just a matter of time. That my illness is just me seeking attention.

I don't know if it's just her drinking, but it’s a regular occurrence now. It's so painful. I’m sure it’s painful for both of us. It's so painful because there's nothing that would make me happier than if that were true. I dream about it. I think about working at one of those great jobs knowing that I could give her everything, everything she dreams about. I've told her how much it pains me when she tells people that I’m not sick but, in the moment, she tells me that's the way she truly feels.

We’re both cowards. She doesn’t believe me about my illness. Without a test showing her that something is wrong then it’s just pretend. I don’t know what to do. I love her with all my heart. I think she loves me. She just wants to live in la la land. I’m terrified that she'll regret being with me when she realizes that this isn’t pretend. What to do? I would rather see her happy in life with kids and with a husband that can give her what she is looking for. I want nothing more than her happiness. Her true happiness.

This isn’t buddhism. But it is. And I know I’m not alone in this forum.

Wanted to hear you sage thoughts, good or bad,

with affection,


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There is an absolute reality which allows for fabrications to occur, but which itself is not a fabrication. The complete set of all forms is formless.

April 24, 2015 - 9:42pm

This is what I believe currently. People can't see the forest for the trees. But the forest is nothing but trees.

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Either everyone (eventually) achieves Nirvana or some of us will be stuck in Samsara, doomed to reincarnate endlessly. Will we all be liberated one day? Will Samsara ever end?

April 24, 2015 - 6:31pm

This all has to do with the problem of permanence/impermanence. If nothing is permanent, then even Suffering/Samsara isn't permanent. Liberation/Nirvana from it must happen one day for all beings one way or another.

But if NOTHING is permanent, then even Liberation/Nirvana will one day end! Right? What then? Suffering/Samsara returns again?

(Unless, Nirvana is the one and only exception to the impermanence of all things?)

I wonder if it's some sort of paradox. Neither Samsara nor Nirvana are permanent, because they alternate endlessly for eternity? Or is it something even stranger than that where reality will eventually reach a state where neither exist?

If Samsara never ends, then that means someone has to be Suffering in it for eternity? If Nirvana never ends, then that must mean total liberation for all will happen one day?

Does anyone have any answers for this at all?

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