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Why I am comfortable with Buddhism, even though I'm not a Buddahist

2 hours 6 min ago

I am a Christian. Now, your idea of a "Christian" may greatly differ from mine, but that's not what I am talking about today.

Buddhism, to me, isn't a declaration. See, with this other Religions, your sworn in. Leaving the Christian Church is looked down upon. Cardinals certainly aren't respected after leaving..

With all these other Religions, you have to declare your allegiance, like some sort of dictatorship.. Buddhism isn't like that..

From my understanding, Buddhism is coming and coming. There is no oath swearing or shame for coming or going.

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Heart sutra audio discussion?

2 hours 12 min ago

Can anyone recommend an audio book or podcast or other audio resource that discusses/explains the heart sutra?

Video would also be fine...

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Is Buddhism being honest about psychedelics? If it lumps them in with 'drugs' and judges them as 'narcotic escapism' is Buddhism really enlightened on that subject? I think it's time Buddhism speak candidly to the issue about them.

3 hours 54 min ago

I've been a Buddhist and on/off practitioner of vipassana meditation (yes, a bad practitioner--sorry), and in my college era a substance user. I've not used drugs illegally in 2 decades, although I legally used medical ketamine as a last-ditch effort to remedy over 2 decades of failed, traditional mental health treatment that has in many ways made me worse despite all our efforts and many dangerous medications. I look back now, and the illegal drugs in college were not a means of escape but an attempt to remedy the mental health issues that sprung up in my late teens. I've thus forgiven myself. For both the drugs and the psychiatry. But so many wasted years, I kind of wish I had found Buddhism at that time and kept on the illegal drugs. Let's be clear, it was cannabis and LSD.

These realizations about the mental reconciliation properties of psychedelics had me delve into this research and I'm finding all sorts of things about them. I could give a very long treatise on the subject, but it's not appropriate in this discussion--suffice to say the research does exist and if you are interested, it's best found on maps.org

Sorry for the long backstory. Finally, my question: Buddhism seems to say the same tired thing other inhibited religions say about drugs, that using them is a form of characterological weakness, that it's escapism, or a different kind of falling prey to craving/aversion.

Yet, both research shows as well as anyone who has used a psychedelic knows immediately that they are absolutely not addictive nor escapist in any way... but quite the opposite. They break addiction by showing people the root causes. They are a forward retreat into ones very being, and it's fraught with peril one has created for themselves (facing the Jungian shadow); psychedelics demand confrontation of one's own delusions, cravings, and shows you the cause/effect of ones actions on himself and on others.

So It seems to me that psychedelics are not drugs but gateways to the entirety of the self, both the light and dark--they seem to be a Buddhist therapy in a bottle.

So I am not sure why Buddhist leaders have not said something more fair about psychedelics?

Maybe it's time they are reevaluated since clearly if Buddhism values wisdom and truth, it's not going to have any of that while perpetuating myths and taboos without experiencing the truth firsthand.

Any and all your thoughts are welcome. I expect a lot of disagreement.

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“And how, householder, does one engage people in dispute?"

4 hours 50 min ago

Always a good reminder to be mindful of our actions when on the Buddha net...

"“And how, householder, does one engage people in dispute? Here , householder , someone engages in such talk as this: ‘You don’t understand this Dhamma and Discipline. I understand this Dhamma and Discipline. What, you understand this Dhamma and Discipline! You’re practising wrongly, I’m practising rightly. What should have been said before you said after; what should have been said after you said before. I’m consistent, you’re inconsistent. What you took so long to think out has been overturned. Your thesis has been refuted. Go off to rescue your thesis, for you’re defeated, or disentangle yourself if you can .’ It is in such a way that one engages people in dispute."

SN Khandavagga : Haliddakani(1)

and of course :

"Bhikkhus, I do not dispute with the world, the world disputes with me: no one who proclaims the dhamma disputes with anyone in the world." — SN 22.94/vol. iii, 138-9

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Keatha 2A

5 hours 36 min ago

Keatha 1B

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Keatha 01A

6 hours 23 min ago

¤¤¤ The Karma Ground: Weekly /r/Buddhism Discussion ¤¤¤ - August 04, 2015

7 hours 1 min ago

This thread is a place to discuss whatever you have in mind, primarily in relation to your studies and practices of Buddhism, but also as a general space to meet and share within the community.

Comment scores are deactivated.

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Why are human wants infinite? Im sad that I wont ever be rich and for the time that I can't get back.

August 3, 2015 - 11:35pm

I miss being a kid and am sad when I think about all the expectations I had growing up. Having a hard time with appreciating the reality I do have. I spend much time thinking about things I want. Or that I would rather...blah blah blah

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Why do I grieve for inanimate objects?

August 3, 2015 - 5:16pm

Silly but sincere query.

If it's so hard for me to feel compassion for humans, why am I breaking up over this?

Does the dharma address this phenomenon?

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I have a question for Buddhist practictioners in modern societies...

August 3, 2015 - 4:10pm

Do you experience difficulties staying present with your practice due to demands of mainstream society? Those of you who don't, what are some solutions that may be helpful in continuing the cultivation of practice? I ask because I am becoming fascinated with the concept of intentional communities. I appreciate any consideration, thanks

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Is romantic love the same thing as fleeting sensory happiness?

August 3, 2015 - 2:03pm

I'm at the point where I have lost most desires that are fulfilled by the senses. Along with this seems to be the capacity to feel romantic love.

My girlfriend told me she loves me and I know what she means by that. Me saying I love her back wouldn't mean the same. I love her like I do my neighbor (or at least that's what I'm striving for). But I don't seem to be capable to feel cuspids arrow and feel that strong initial "love" for someone.

I have this suspicion that romantic love is fleeting and that if there wasn't attachment and fear of loss that underneath it all is the same love you feel for others.

Could the Buddha or other enlightened beings feel romantic love?

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I've been finding it very difficult to meditate properly lately. Can someone here help me?

August 3, 2015 - 1:01pm

I've been struggling to find peace when meditating for a few reasons:

  • Constant yawning (this could be due to the breathing pattern)

  • Mental noise (songs, brain won't be quiet, etc)

  • Feeling uncomfortable when sitting cross-legged (my hips and feet greatly hurt when sitting like that)

  • Feeling mentally uncomfortable (feeling nervous, stressed. I cannot find peace)

  • I also can't hold a position for very long, as if I'm holding a weight at an unbalanced angle for a long time.

Please can someone help me with these issues? Tips on how to effectively meditate, alternative sitting methods, etc. I find these problems quite upsetting really.

Thank you everyone.

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