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The Inner Art of Meditation - CD 5 by Jack Kornfield

77:58 minutes (53.54 MB)

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Guided Meditation - Body Awareness by Ajahn Thanasanti

46:52 minutes (32.18 MB)

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The Interdynamics of Culture and Consciousness by Jeff Carreira and Elizabeth Debold

Jeff Carreira and Elizabeth Debold delve into the Guru and Pandit dialogue from the inaugural issue of the magazine under its new name, EnlightenNext (Issue 42). In this dialogue, entitled “The Interdynamics of Culture and Consciousness,” Andrew and Ken take a fresh look at some of the foundational questions underlying their wide-ranging conversations: What does it mean that enlightenment is evolving? How is the evolution of consciousness related to the evolution of culture?

62:36 minutes (25.08 MB)

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Shamanic Kundalini Chakra Flow by frequency=quantumleaps

This second track is oriented towards putting one in a shamanic state while activating each chakra with it's specific resonance and allows one's Schumann experiences to be localized to the energy body. This exercise is good for meditation work with chakras, auras, and one's kundalini flow.

CD 1 is oriented towards a concept of helping one expand outward and bringing the change from experience of altered states of a larger portion of the macrocosm back to the microcosmic energy body.

15:00 minutes (20.6 MB)

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Body Contemplation by Ajahn Brahmavamso

47:59 minutes (13.73 MB)

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Being Sane in a Mad Mad World - 10 by Ven. Robina Courtin

Is the world we are presented with the best and sanest choice we can make? Is there an alternative to the straightjacket so many of us put ourselves in? In this course Ven. Robina will explore the reasons why we willingly bring such misery upon ourselves in order to be happy, and by asking what happiness really is she will give us tools to deconstruct our mental chains and review where we really want to go.

64:25 minutes (29.49 MB)

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Sarvodaya Benefit Pt2 by Joanna Macy

59:45 minutes (10.26 MB)

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